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Dear my friend, look at the sky. Now we are looking at the same sky... [entries|friends|calendar]
Dead Butterfly

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changing... [
Saturday, 17.May.2025 { at } 16.45
Aoi says: Comment to be added
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Cancelled Project [
Wednesday, 24.May.2006 { at } 19.40
Smiles and Tears (Fic):Cancelled due to recent events in my life...So sorry...maybe next week I'll start a new fic, this time featuring An Cafe...
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Smiles and Tears (Vol.I Chapter 2/6) [
Tuesday, 23.May.2006 { at } 15.35
A bit short...

Chapter 2Collapse )
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Prologue & Chapter 1 [
Monday, 22.May.2006 { at } 15.14
fic~Collapse )
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Barcelona!!! [
Wednesday, 17.May.2006 { at } 16.15
[ mood | Very happy!!! ]

Barcelona, Europe Champion!!!!

Thierry Henry might be going to Barcelona for the next torunament!!! My favorite player in my favorite team!!!

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thingies... [
Monday, 15.May.2006 { at } 23.33
[ mood | i want pocky!!! ]

i was checking some tests at blog things and find 2 quite interesting...

What gender is your brain?Collapse )

and the other one...

What age will you die?Collapse )

i am pocky-addicted!!!i have already eaten a complete box...surely i will need to compensate this with a good week of exercise...

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nightmare continues... [
Sunday, 14.May.2006 { at } 18.11
[ mood | blank ]

ok, today i visited my doc, he says i don't have to use a plaster, that was a good notice, the bad??? i can't play for one week, damn, how am i supposed to live without soccer???!!!

i will need to buy new videogames...

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Silent hill [
Friday, 12.May.2006 { at } 13.07
[ mood | annoyed ]

okay, i thought it would be a better movie, considering that it's a great game...but i am disappointed...first of all, Samael, WTF he acts like a nice demon, promising revenge i thought *holy crap, why is he doing that? he is a demon...if he had done that on the game it would have been easier* anyway, another thing i didn't like...pyramid head, he only appears 5 minutes (or less)i think it was a mistake he should have had a more active role...

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... [
Tuesday, 9.May.2006 { at } 17.22
wanna laugh??? well then enter "http://www.pincheschinos.blogspot.com/" it's in spanish...

i made a test, wanna know the result??? ok 1st thing

resultCollapse )
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... [
Monday, 8.May.2006 { at } 15.58
[ mood | lonely ]

random questionsCollapse )

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Speechless [
Friday, 5.May.2006 { at } 13.45
[ mood | sad ]

well yeah speechless, i saw someone i didn't want to see again...

4 Zero iconsCollapse )

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... [
Sunday, 30.April.2006 { at } 17.08
[ mood | angry ]

WTF i cant see my images when i post, is sth wrong with this shit...

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Saturday, 29.April.2006 { at } 14.00
[ mood | tired ]

i just returned...well i found many things, but nothing related to what i was looking for (Natsuo plushie, Youji plushie, Original Gazette DVD concert)I bought 2 Gazette concerts (not original) and a DVD with some PVs, also somtehing called Pocky (candy) and finally a music CD (Ill Niño-Confessions, yes, original) anyway i'm looking forward to someday find the plushies...

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bored... [
Friday, 28.April.2006 { at } 21.26
[ mood | bored ]

this day has been pretty boring, i spent 6 hours in front of my ps2 and i am done...hope tomorrow is different...TNT!!!here we come!!! I want Natsuo's plushie, does it even exist?

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As promised... [
Thursday, 27.April.2006 { at } 14.42
[ mood | working ]

Well I am going to post some icons, I think "deadly smile" is for people high on crack, it jumps a lot hehehe...

Not so good, but I have to practice...

I feel worried, yesterday I mistook something a friend told me and I began telling things he did not like, I hope he can forgive me for being an ass...
Bad day at school, I got a 5 at Laws u.u this is not going to help my grade TT.TT hopefully the teacher will fall down the stairs and kill herself, but that would be too much maybe just hurt her leg n.n
I think I am going to pierce my ear again...

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3 Icons, And tomorrow... [
Wednesday, 26.April.2006 { at } 16.37
[ mood | artistic ]

Well I wanted to do something new, so I made 3 Icons, I am not very keen on this but if I practise I will be able to make new good things...Well enjoy them...

Well I think I will be doing new things on the next days, maybe a wallpaper and some forum sigs, if you want to take anything just remember to post a comment I can make good things if you give good critics.

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B-Day!!! [
Tuesday, 25.April.2006 { at } 18.50
[ mood | nervous ]

oh man, this was wonderful day...well i had to assist classes, but that doesn't matter, i went to the cinema, i watched Prime (pretty cool, i recommend it)...after that i went to a restaurant with some friends, but we only went to drink something and talk...
after that i returned home, i was exhausted, so i ate some pizza with my brother...finally i decided to pay a visit to my LJ andset a new layout, the other one was amde in a hurry so it was a bit awful, the new one is better but i think i could have done a better job...anyway i had a great day but i am nervous, i wish i could see the person i am looking for...i hope he is ok TT.TT

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test [
Monday, 24.April.2006 { at } 16.32
[ mood | jubilant ]

hehehe well i had to post again i found something pretty interesting...a jrock test here it is...

001) How did you discover Jrock? Anime
002) When did you discover Jrock? About a year ago
003) So how long have you been a fan, then? mmm I think for 1 year.
004) Are you a fan of Visual Kei? Yeah, I love Visual Kei
005) Are you a fan of Jpop? I like 1 or 2 songs.
006) Are you a fan of fanservice? Yes.

007) First solo artist you heard? Miyavi.
008) First band/group you heard? Dir en Grey
009) First Jrock crush? Miyavi.
010) First Jrocker to scare you? None
011) First Jrocker you mistook for a woman? I think it was Bou (An Café).
012) First yaoi pairing you saw? I’m not sure, it was Miyavi with another guy.
013) First yaoi pairing you became a fan of? Ahhh I find them all quite nice.
014) First Asian Kung-Fu Generation song? Rewrite.
015) First B'z song? I haven’t heard anything.
016) First baroque song? I can’t remember
017) First BLOOD song? I don’t like them.
018) First Buck-Tick song? Aku no hana, I think.
019) First Deadman song? None.
020) First D'espairsRay song? None.
021) First Dir en grey song? Yokan.
022) First Due'le Quartz song? Re:plica.
023) First Duel Jewel song? Haven’t heard anything.
024) First Gackt song? Mizèrable.
025) First Gazette song? Reila (I love it)
026) First GLAY song? I would rather hear any other thing.
027) First hide song? Can’t remember, but I don’t like him.
028) First Hyde song? White song.
029) First Iceman song? O.o
030) First J song? same...
031) First Kagerou song? Can’t remember, sorry.
032) First Kagrra song? Mmm if I could remember.
033) First L'Arc~en~Ciel song? Blurry eyes.
034) First La'Chryma Christi song? Don’t know them
035) First Lareine song? I can't remember >_<
036) First Luna Sea song? Mmm haven’t heard them.
037) First Malice Mizer song? Illuminati.
038) First Merry song? Don’t like them.
039) First Miyavi song? It would be difficult to remember, I have known him for a year.
040) First Moi Dix Mois song? None.
041) First MUCC song? Don’t like.
042) First Nightmare song? I can’t remember the name, but it was good.
043) First PENICILLIN song? Haven’t heard of them.
044) First Pierrot song? Oni to Sakura.
045) First Plastic Tree song? None
046) First Psycho le Cemu song? Ai no Uta
047) First Raphael song? None
048) First SADS song? None
049) First Schwarz Stein song? I don’t know them.
050) First Shazna song? It was some piece of crap I don’t want to remember.
051) First Shiina Ringo song? Can’t recall, that day I downloaded many things ^^
052) First Siam Shade song? The one that appeared in Rurouni Kenshin
053) First Sugizo song? None
054) First Tetsu69 song? Don’t like him too much
055) First TRANSISTIC NERVE song? @.@
056) First X Japan song? Mmm if I could remember the name, I have no memory

057) Favourite band? Gazette.
058) Favourite band musically? Gazette
059) Favourite band physically (eye-candy)? Gazette.
060) Favourite Indies band? Antic Cafe.
061) Favourite Jrocker? Uruha, I love how he plays the guitar, He is my hero.
062) Favourite vocalist? Ruki, he has a wonderful voice.
063) Favourite guitarist? Uruha
064) Favourite bassist? Kanon or Reita, I don’t know.
065) Favourite pianist/keyboardist? None.
066) Favourite song? Reila, I love it, it’s the fucking best ever recorded song in the history of humanity
067) Favourite PV? Reila, then Kekkon shiki no uta~kisetsu hazeru no Wedding March
068) Favourite live? Mmm I can’t say I have one
069) Favourite clip (candid, behind-the-scenes, etc.)? Making of…Reila.
070) Favourite Gackt commercial? None
071) Favourite couple? I would say AoixUruha.

________This or That?________
072) Skirt or pants? pants?
073) Mana or Izam? Obviously, Mana.
074) Kyo or Tatsurou? Kyo.
075) Gackt or Miyavi? Miyavi.
076) Taiji or Heath? O.o
077) J or Sugizo? none*
078) Yoshiki: Long hair or short? long
079) Ken: Facial hair or none? clean-shaven.
080) Aya: Boy or girl? Girl.
081) Kirito: Gay or straight? I think he is gay.
082) Daisuke: Make-up or none? None.
083) hide: dead or alive? He hasn’t done anything to me so…alive.
084) Gackt x Hyde or Hyde x Gackt? HydexGackt why? dunno.

______ Which Jrocker is most..._______
085) Adorable? Bou, he looks like a nice girl.
086) Annoying? None.
087) Attractive? Uruha.
088) Bishi? Bou
089) Childish? Kyo and Hyde?
090) Cute? I think I will answer the same as on #1
091) Disturbing? I don’t know
092) Dorky? Mmm I don’t know
093) Edible? What the fuck is that
094) Feminine? Mana.
095) Frightening? None
096) Gay? Gackt???
097) Masculine? I would find it quite difficult, they al look so feminine to me
098) Otaku? Ahhh…Uruha?
099) Reserved? Can’t say
100) Sex-able? Mmm ¬¬
101) Talented? Miyavi.
102) Zealous? Jealous or Zealous @.@

_______Word Association________
103) Abs: Gym
104) Alcohol: Teruki
105) Alien: …
106) Ass: I would say Aoi
107) Bondage: mmm
108) Chicken: Miyavi
109) Engrish: and what is that.
110) Food: Bou, the scene with the pie
111) Goth: @.@
112) Hentai: Gackt hahaha
113) Hump: Gackt.
114) Kimono: Uruha.
115) Kinky: dunno
116) Leather: …
117) Moon: Gackt.
118) Piercing: Teruki.
119) Platforms: Mana.
120) Sex: Maybe…Gackt!!!
121) Smoking: Uruha.
122) Vanilla: Gackt???
123) Visual: Malice Mizer.

_____Place a Jrocker____
124) America: mmm I don’t know.
125) China: Gackt speaks Chinese, so he goes there
126) France: Mana
127) Hawaii: Miyavi???.
128) Hospital: @.@.
129) Japan: ...
130) Los Angeles: ...
131) Mars: Hide, I dunno.
132) McDonald's: WTF.
133) Merry-Go-Round: Psycho le Cemu.
134) Movie Theater: I dunno.
135) Okinawa: again I dunno.
136) Pet Store: Ruki buying a kitten.
137) Pharmacy: ...
138) Supermarket: I dunno.
139) Sushi bar: someone who likes sushi.
140) The North Pole: oh yeah I would put…no I’m just writing pure shit so you don’t get bored with my answers.

________Most likely..._______
141) To get the stuffing beaten out them: Gackt, I don’t like him too much.
142) To get kidnapped: Uruha.
143) To have kids: Hyde
144) To eat kids: Die.
145) An actual woman? Surely Mana
146) An evil spy? Bou…behind that adorable face lies an assassin
147) A government agent: …
148) An alien? Another stupid question
149) American: none.
150) To rule Japan: I don’t like saying this…Gackt.
151) To rule the world: Gazette
152) To go bald? Ahhhh dunno.
153) To get braces: Toshiya
154) To go into retirement first: I hope…Gackt.

______What would you do if..._______
155) Gackt quit writing music? Celebrate, give one hell of a party with my Gazette friends
156) Toshiya got braces? Ahhh nothing
157) Yoshiki went bald? I would laugh
158) Klaha bleached his hair: again…nothing.
159) Mana became Japan's next prime minister? It would be good, I dunno why
160) hide appeared in your room: kidnap him and sell him at a high price or exchange him for Uruha *¬*.
161) Koshi stopped singing? Not my problem.
162) Miyavi bit you? Scream and bite him back.
163) Hyde glomped you? Mmm don’t know
164) Sugizo mooned you? nothing
165) Yukke poked you? Poke him back, if he continues I might punch him

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Chapter 1: Nothing new [
Monday, 24.April.2006 { at } 15.03
[ mood | sleepy ]

From this day on, I will be writing my entries on english, I don't know why, just something I wanted to do...
Anyway, this day has been the laziest ever, I went to school and felt asleep, hahaha when I woke up, I realized I had lost 4 school hours n.n
I feel ok, after all, today I spoke to 1 of my best friends again...we had had a struggle but finally we spoke...
Oh I can't wait for tomorrow (B-Day) and for this saturday, I am going to the TNT 11 (Expo)I want to buy a plushie...maybe 1 of Natsuo, I hope I can find it...I am also looking for Loveless Manga, I had it on my computer, but I lost all my information...TT.TT and i think that's all...no!! wait...I want to buy a DVD, Jrock stuff, and other things...
well that's all, see ya

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Nuevo... [
Sunday, 23.April.2006 { at } 20.25
[ mood | bored ]

weno aki ando yo, este es mi primer livejournal, y weno no tenía mucho que hacer...en fin solo saludo y bye...

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